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Inclusive Events

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

How can you keep on evolving in the Event Industry while many changes occur over time?

Nowadays many events are falling behind when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Over the years and the history that is already formed we have seen many differences, disputes, people trying to get their voices heard, fighting for a change and many more. It has been and still is a long road to find that desired balance between everything and everyone. The lack of diverse communities is depriving events of significant perspectives, experiences, and insights which leads to the same position as always “moving towards traditional ways”. All the Events Professionals know that the event industry is about reinventing and recreating itself, meaning it is completely important being in tune with the constant changes that develop over time.

Tips to give your events an inclusive orientation:

  • Start with your team. Having diverse and different voices with a vast range of ideas and opinions can be really beneficial. Having a team with different backgrounds, way of thinking and acting and networks creates more opportunities for the business and sensibilize the communities. Having a diverse team will create more culturalized sensibilization.

  • Considering individual needs of people. Taking into consideration a range of ages, religion, disabilities and ethnicities. This creates an effective diversity and inclusion policy.

  • Creating content that is appealing to diverse audiences with interesting themes and emergent tendencies. We must look towards impacting communities and creating more awareness about the constantly evolving industry.

  • Generating partnerships. Seeking out organizations that actively support and participate in equality and balance. Creating networking sessions to connect and create better relationships with possible future partners.

  • Setting objectives. It’s crucial to define a certain objective or diversity target to see the progress along the way and to notice what can be done even better as future reference. At the end of the day you are trying to become and reflect inclusion not only organize diverse and inclusive events. It should become a principle not just a tendency. To have a better understanding or insight regarding the progress, post-event surveys can be really helpful and do activities that involve the audience to make each one of the guests feel in a safe and open space.

In summary, it's really important to understand the terms of inclusion and how to make them a part of your events. The participants, guests, attendees and whoever assists your events are the “key” to get that understanding because they can explain how they feel, their interests and how they felt included and taken into consideration.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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